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How does the ADA affect websites?

It was clear from the beginning that ADA affected every kind of business in the physical realm, but it’s less obvious that it covers websites and online spaces. The 1990 bill obviously did not predict today’s huge breadth of internet use. The past decade brought a range of rulings from the U.S. courts, with some insisting that websites do not qualify as a "public place of accommodation."

However, as the internet became more important and websites played a bigger role in the way that consumers interact with businesses, the way that ADA is applied to web accessibility began to change. Since 2017, a clear consensus emerged that ADA also covers the online world. Disability rights activists, legal scholars and court rulings have agreed that websites, internet portals, and online stores also need to be accessible for people with disabilities.

The solution? Compliance Armor Interface powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The interface is designed to cover the accessibility requirements relating to the UI, the design, and the readability of your website.

By using this interface, visually impaired users, users with cognitive disabilities, epileptic users, and others can modify your site’s design to meet their specific individual needs. users can choose a pre-built disability profile, for example, the “Visually Impaired Profile”, and immediately get a bulk of adjustments to help them browse more easily.

Alternatively, or in addition to the profiles, users choose to enable different adjustments, such as to increase font sizes, change color contrasts, stop animations, and more.

Companies receive no warnings. If someone files a complaint, expect a hefty fine or settlement.

At Compliance Armor, we are experts so that you don't have to be.

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