Compliance Armor


$50 $100

PTG-RMM Endpoint Monitoring and Management - $50/device/month (Optional EDR Antivirus can be added for a separate fee). We keep your endpoints running as efficiently as possible – without having to wait for time-consuming support tickets. PTG gets Monitoring Data In Real-Time, Before Your Staff Comes To PTG With Questions. PTG can customize and set alerts on over 100 conditions and customize their severity and priority.

Our monitoring and alerting capabilities include:

  • Performance thresholds (i.e. CPU usage, hard disk usage, etc.)
  • Windows Services (i.e. print spooler is down)
  • Templates for Exchange, SQL Server
  • Low footprint agent

PTG-RMM can monitor your current backups. However, backups and the data are ultimately your responsibility. PTG is not liable for data loss. PTG recommends regular and random testing of backups to ensure the data is available when you need it most. If needed, and for a separate fee, PTG can recommend approved, vetted, third-party backup solutions.

OPTIONAL Fast and Responsive Remote Access: With your permission, and for a separate fee (invoiced separately upon approval), PTG can access your devices from anywhere, securely and remotely; on demand. PTG-RMM provides the best-in-class remote access and can deploy, configure, sync, and manage our remote access technology with a single-pane integration.

  • Support for Windows and Mac
  • Search and connect within 5 seconds!
  • Attended and unattended access
  • Audit connections with detailed reporting

Automated Patch Management for Windows devices and common applications. Let Us Worry About Windows Patching So You Don’t Have To. Whether you have 200 endpoints or 5,000, let us automate your patching across all supported versions of Windows. PTG can start patching endpoints with minimal setup. And detailed patch reporting will help you identify non-compliant endpoints.

Unpatched operating systems and software is one of the most serious cybersecurity holes facing any IT organization today. Rely on PTGRMM to automate patching for Windows endpoints and to over 120 of the most common – and commonly attacked – software packages, including Adobe Acrobat, Flash, Chrome, Java, and Microsoft Office.

  • Customize scan and update schedules
  • Leverage automation for the most critical security updates
  • No additional infrastructure required
  • Detailed patch compliance reporting

Robust and Secure Third-Party Patch Management: PTG's third-party patching engine will keep your endpoints up-to-date with support for software from over 120 vendors, without you having to worry about user interference.  Keep devices current with the latest features, and also protect your endpoints from security breaches.

Tweak Your Patching Schedule With Ease: The policy framework allows you to customize your scan and update schedules for different groups of devices. You can automate patch management, or manually approve or reject patches for specific groups or across all groups.

See Your Software Inventory From 30,000 Feet: An easy-to-navigate dashboard lets you assess the various software installs on endpoints at a glance. You can see which device is running what and uninstall software right from the PTG-RMM dashboard. Run software inventory reports across different groups of devices.

  • Powerful IT Automation: Run scripts, antivirus scans and patch management
  • Actionable Reporting: Get full visibility on system health and security metrics
  • Robust Monitoring & Alerting: Reduce downtime with 360-degree monitoring & alerting
  • Managed Antivirus: See active threats and remediate known threats seamlessly
  • Integrated Network Management: Monitor Windows, Macs, SNMP and cloud resources

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