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HIPAA System Security Policies and Procedures


HIPAA Policies and Procedures 

HIPAA Policies and Procedures are in compliance with current regulations, including HIPAA Policies and Procedures to comply with

While most practices would rather focus on the health of their patients as opposed to the health of their cybersecurity, here at Compliance Armor we understand that some offices may be up to that challenge, and we are here for that.

Compliance Armor's HIPAA Policies and Procedures is a customizable map that will help lead your practice to self-guided HIPAA compliance.  It is in compliance with current regulations, including HIPAA's:

  • Privacy Rule
  • Security Rule
  • Enforcement Rule
  • Breach Notification Rule

A few of the individual policies included in this complete set:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Use of PHI for TPO
  • Third Party Disclosures
  • Authorization for Use or Disclosure
  • Tracking Logs
  • Covered Entities and Business Associates
  • Breaches and Breach Risk Assessment

At Compliance Armor, we've spent over 20 years becoming experts at this stuff so that you don't have to.

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