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Compliance Armor + XDR + AI + PTG Cybersecurity For Business

Eliminate The SMB Cybersecurity Gap

Extended Detection and Response or XDR is a fusion of advanced technology and managed security operations that enable organizations of any size to quickly detect and respond to advanced threats before these inevitable intrusions evolve into full-scale cyberattacks.

Comprehensive Coverage

Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity mixes advanced deep packet inspection with security event ongoing and vulnerability detection to in a complete view of your IT infrastructure - cloud, IoT, endpoint servers, remote workers, ICS, OT and more.

Meet Compliance Requirements

One-Stop-Shop SaaS solution minimizes expensive and business disruption related to meeting extensive compliance standards (e.g., NIST 800-171, CMMC, GDPR, HIPAA / HITECH, SOC 2 Type II, FFIEC, NERC, and others).

Highly Flexible

Featuring a build as you go, 100% cloud monitored cybersecurity platform, Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity offers an affordable partnership that adapts to your needs.

Surprisingly Affordable. Your IT staff is busy. Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity separates your IT staff from your security operations team (SOC) which is a requirement for new regulations such as CMMC. There's no need to hire expensive cybersecurity experts full-time. All services are securely managed by our certified SOC while keeping your data on-premises at all times.

Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity

Run Your Business - We’ll Defend it. Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity Ends the “One More Tool“ Race Move beyond siloed cybersecurity solutions, and outsource security operations to a team of highly trained cybersecurity professionals.

Managed Network Detection and Response

Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity inspects and logs every packet moving into and out of your network. We further deploy threat intelligence, anomaly detection, and deception technology to automatically detect and block potential intrusions and reduce alert volumes significantly. Additional automation and filtering are applied to distill alerts to a meaningful and manageable total, constantly analyzed and monitored by the 24/7/365 US-based SOC.

Managed Vulnerability Detection

Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity provides network vulnerability scanning and agent-based vulnerability detection for all assets - wherever they reside, on-premises, at home, or in the cloud.

Managed SIEM

Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity Managed SIEM supports monitored security analytics and compliance across the entire enterprise, including network(s), cloud, containers, endpoints, servers, and remote workers. Support for Windows, Linux, and MacOS ensures compatibility across your entire organization.

Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity - Run Your Business - We’ll Defend it.

What is Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity?

Managed cybersecurity for organization of any size to quickly detect and respond to advanced threats before these inevitable intrusions evolve into full-scale cyber-attacks.

Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity combines advanced detection and response technology with deception, SIEM, vulnerability detection, and years of industry expertise. Only Compliance Armor + XDR Cybersecurity uses machine learning, proprietary algorithms, and intelligent sensors to automatically identify and block threats while constantly filtering alerts to maximize the signal-to-noise ratio. We defeat advanced adversaries while addressing your company's most daunting compliance requirements.

Partner with Compliance Armor + XDR + PTG to receive protection tailored to your company's unique security and compliance requirements-now and into the future.

Pricing includes 30-days of protection and PTG Professional Remote Support Services. After payment is received, a sensor will be shipped to your address. A PTG Certified expert will walk you through the entire setup process. Final deliverable at the end of 30 days is a full report showing all of the findings that were blocked such as malware, ransomware, adversarial threats, etc. This report will be reviewed with you by a PTG certified expert. If you are satisfied with the findings and would like to continue with the service, pricing options will be provided to you at the end of the proof of concept.

Most homes and businesses already have the required hardware. Some homes and small businesses only use the Internet providers supplied equipment and may need this additional hardware for a successful proof of concept (POC). A small smart router is included in the proof of concept (POC) kit that we ship to you. In the event that you need the smart router, we will provide additional remote technical support to help you complete the installation. Call Toll Free 1-877-468-2721 if you have any questions.

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