Compliance Armor

HIPAA Essentials Security Checkup + 23-Point SEO Checkup


Petronella Technology Group (Compliance Armor) realizes that today, more than ever, it is vitally important that you keep your clients' Personal Health Information (PHI/ePHI) safe from hackers, regardless of the size of your company.

We also understand that it’s practically impossible this day in age to get patients through the door without a strong online presence… But how do you build that while still staying within HIPAA guidelines? By letting us help you!

We are experts in both HIPAA compliance AND SEO marketing, which is how we are able to offer you these two very valuable services at an unbelievably low price:

  • $500 HIPAA Essential Security Checkup
    • Provides a bird's eye view of your current HIPAA landscape
    • Identifies vulnerabilities that need to be remediated
    • Gives you a personalized blueprint for fixing the gaps in HIPAA compliance
  • $500 23-Point Marketing Checkup
    • Reviews over 23 technical points related to your digital marketing, website and SEO, to uncover issues with your current marketing plan so you can learn how to win new clients
    • Gives you a bird's eye view of your current marketing landscape by creating a detailed report that examines exactly where your business is today
    • Provides you with a personalized blueprint showing you the exact steps needed to get your business on track to attract new patients

The goal of Compliance Armor’s HIPAA Essential Security Checkup for FACHT+ Compliance Armor’s 23-Point Marketing Checkup is to create a HIPAA-compliant game plan that doesn’t bust your budget. Combining these two powerful programs will allow you to work towards HIPAA compliance without going bankrupt. We believe every practice, regardless of the size, should be able to reach the goal of HIPAA compliance, which is why we are bundling these two already valuable, effective programs and offering them to you together for only $900!

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