Compliance Armor

Compliance Armor Security Awareness Training - Pricing is Per User/Year.

$60 $300


Compliance Armor Training includes a full suite of security awareness training, testing, and certificates of completion to ensure your staff is educated on the latest threats in cybersecurity for your organization. Learn about current scams, vulnerabilities, phishing, social engineering, and more so your staff can become the frontline of defense for protecting your business from hackers and cybersecurity attacks.


Why Enroll

Your business and its data are at risk for digital attacks and disruption. With PTG Training, you will have the ability to defend against hackers, Phishing, and SMS Phishing while maintaining compliance with your industry standards. As your cybersecurity provider, we make it easy to educate your staff on how to digitally defend your business.


Who Should Enroll

  • Accounting and Financial Firms

  • Federal Contractors

  • Healthcare & Medical Facilities

  • Law Firms

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Construction Companies & Architecture Firms

  • Small Business B2B


Product Details:

Weekly Micro-training

  • Monthly Security Digest Newsletter
  • Simulated Phishing
  • Dark Web Scan

PTG Training increases security awareness for your organization through a multi-prong process that begins with the Compliance Armor Vulnerability Assessment (CAVA). PTG’s CAVA provides unparalleled insight into your organization’s first layer of defense - your employees - by utilizing proven techniques like continuing education and quantitative analytics. We showcase the importance of dark web monitoring, simulated phishing, and vital education to develop stronger security protocols. 


Cybersecurity is an ongoing process. Once PTG Training is complete, we offer these additional services for protection specific to your industry against attacks while maintaining the compliance needed:

  • HIPAA Add-On (link)

  • HIPAA Policies (link)

  • CMMC Add-On (link)

  • CMMC Policies (link)

  • NIST Add-On (link)

  • NIST Policies (link)

  • DFARS Add-On (link)


Compliance Armor Training provides significant value to your business by reducing penalties and fines that could arise from neglectful security practices. Security awareness training is now a requirement in order to qualify for Cybersecurity insurance.

We protect your reputation as a business with exceptional levels of confidentiality and privacy - a highly marketable asset. To learn more about how our team of experts can train your team to be your strongest layer of defense when it comes to cybersecurity, reach out to us. Call 919-601-1601.


Pricing Details

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